Our Management

  • Patrick J. Barrett III

    President/CEO - Patrick started programming games as a sophomore in High School. By his junior year, he started his own entertainment software company, Star Gaming Network, producing games for the first home computers and the first generation console systems. He studied Computer Science at Brookdale Community College and furthered his education with Software Engineering at Monmouth University.

    Patrick is best-known for his involvement in “The Sims” from Electronic Arts. While at Electronics Arts, he also filled various roles in Software Development, Game Design, and Software Engineering. He led the Engineering and Design Teams for many of The Sims’ Expansion Packs and “The Sims Online.” On “The Sims 2,” he was the lead designer.

    After Electronic Arts, he teamed with Heather Castillo to produce many mobile and Xbox 360 games under the Star Gaming Network and Strange Games Studios banners. He became President and Chief Executive Officer for MeetPlayLive LLC, as a founding partner. As CEO, he runs the day-to-day operations of the company; while as President, he is the face of the company, as well as the designer of many of the products and services.

  • Steven P. Sereno

    Chief Financial Officer - Steven P. Sereno joined Hamilton & Company, LLP in 1992 and was admitted as a partner in 1999. He graduated from San Diego State University in 1990, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting. Prior to joining Hamilton & Company, he spent one year with a public accounting firm in La Jolla, California and one year in private industry as a controller in Stockton, California. Steve is also a partner in FSG Tax and Accounting, since 2003, which maintains its offices in Irvine, CA.

    Steve is experienced in providing individual and business tax planning and preparation, as well as having expertise in computer and network systems. He has worked with a diverse group of companies in the agriculture, construction, food service, and real estate industries.

    Steve is involved with various local charities and is an active member of the California Society of Certified Public Accountants.

  • Arnold Rodriguez

    Chief Creative Officer - Arnold Rodriguez attended California State University Stanislaus, graduating in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. He continued his education, earning a Master’s degree in Child Development.

    As a real estate investor, he purchased and resold properties in Modesto CA, then expanded into the building of custom homes in Florida, Washington, and Texas. He also funded several real estate projects and by 2007 he had built and “flipped” a total of 78 properties.

    Arnold is currently the Chief Creative Officer of MeetPlayLive LLC. His duties include designing new products and services. He also supervises our Event Staff, whom promote our Websites and Apps at clubs throughout the country. He utilizes the connections he has made with owners and promoters while DJing at various clubs.

  • Steve Alvey

    Staff Member Services Director - Steve Alvey is a graduate of George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Clinical Psychology. He has education and training in a variety of fields, including computer science, massage therapy, and psychotherapy.

    Steve Alvey’s corporate experience began at the World Bank in Washington D.C. He moved on to a management role at the National Headquarters of The American Red Cross, where he supervised the creation of a national plasma recall computer system. Later, Steve moved to Baxter Biotech in Los Angeles, CA where he created a shipment discrepancy resolution computer system, and supervised the development of a new plasma scanning machine. Steve is also a former ESL teacher for the Berlitz Corporation in Vienna, VA. Since then, he has built several small businesses, including Online hosting, website design, and a retail rescue-friendly pet boutique with locations in Washington D.C. and Arlington, VA. He is also known for building Simslice.com, where he created custom content used in The Sims games and maintained a customer base in every industrialized country in the world. His work has been featured in news articles around the globe, including the BBC and an interview by Wired Magazine.

    He currently resides in California's Central Valley and is a partner of MeetPlayLive LLC, located in Modesto, CA. At MeetPlayLive LLC, Steve Alvey is the Director of Staff Member Services, our Human Resources department. He also serves as liaison to the Chinese companies that manufacture our Electronics products.

  • Heather Castillo

    Art Director - Heather Castillo earned an associate’s degree in Electronics from the U. S. Air Force from which she was honorably discharged after five years. Continuing her education, she studied Journalism and French at the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO). During her studies at UCO, Heather began creating computer graphics and websites as a hobby. Her passion for art was stemmed through four generations of artists, and she spent many hours in her grandmother’s art studio, painting and drawing in her formative years.

    People took notice of Heather’s website designs and she built several websites and advertisements for small businesses. After the release of The Sims by Electronic Arts (EA), Heather designed and created SimFreaks.com for sharing her game art. A very large fan base developed as other talented artists were recruited for her team. She created 2D and 3D objects and managed a world-wide team of twenty-eight artists to create themed game add-ons with such high quality, they grabbed the attention of EA. In turn, they contracted SimFreaks for expansion packs and other popular titles. The content from SimFreaks.com was used by EA to create the prototype for The Sims: Hot Date. As the site grew larger, she attended a focus group at PayPal to help develop a system that would allow her to deliver files to the Online community through subscription and individual downloads. Following SimFreaks, Heather worked with a team of professionals at Star Gaming Network to create games for Mobile Platforms, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4.

    Now the Art Director at MeetPlayLive.com, Heather designed and built their websites, as well as created art for multiple games and product packaging. She is known for her ability to adapt her high-quality art to a variety of different gaming environments.

  • Alex Piccininni

    Sales and Marketing Manager - Alex Piccininni graduated from Santa Clara University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. His education and work experience focuses on sales, marketing, business negotiation, workplace motivation, retention, and profit oriented research.

    Alex began his experience in business by developing and managing an Internet café during his sophomore year of high school. He successfully ran this business for over nine years, even while attending University. Upon graduation, Alex began working for one of the largest companies in the country, PepsiCo. Here, he broadened his experience by managing sales for PepsiCo and Frito-Lay. However, his interest remained in technology and he found an opportunity to return to the tech world.

    Alex currently manages the Sales and Marketing Department for MeetPlayLive LLC. His responsibilities include creating and implementing advertisements, managing VIT process and negotiations with retail purchasers, developing sales plans and strategies to increase products and services revenue.